Monday, 18 January 2016

operation get healthy week 1 (week ending 17/1/2016)

So first of all at 20 years old, I can't remember the last time I was happy with the way I looked. No I'm not looking for attention here, I've just always been a bigger girl and it's never sat well with me. I've yo-yo dieted for a good couple of years. And a few years ago I managed to lose quite a bit of weight and I was getting to be happy with how I looked. But then I moved away from home and everything went south. Since moving to university, I have found it extremely difficult to keep my binge eating under control. Living in halls in first year, there was a lot and I mean a lot of temptation. It was always horrible eating something healthy whilst everyone was having a calorific takeaway and most of the time I conformed and bought one too, just so I wasn't left out. Looking back to last year, I know that I was a bad idea, but now I'm so determined to change my lifestyle completely. I'm aiming to lose weight and get healthy. Even if it takes forever and a day, I'm ready.  

This first week has been both a challenge and a blessing, I've just started semester 2 of my second year of university, so understandably I have been stressed and it's been extremely difficult not to return to my bad habits of binging on junk food. Yes, a few times I did have a small portion of chocolate, but nothing extreme like I used to eat. Even after a week, I do feel a lot happier. But a bit more tired. I need to work on adding more iron into my diet or picking up some supplements! 

Monday was the hardest of the days. I was hungry and cranky, and truth be told, I ended up eating plain bread at 10pm at night because I felt so hungry and drained. I'm eating the recommended amount stated in one of my recipe books and am not in any way starving myself. I'm guessing my body just hadn't adjust to going from eating constantly to eating at normal meal times with just tiny snacks in between meals. However, I did enjoy making up some homemade minestrone soup and chilli con carne from The Hairy Dieters first cookbook, my diet companion for the time being.

Tuesday was a lot easier. I bought myself some fruit and made up some healthy dip to pair carrots with. I didn't feel like I wanted to eat as much and I snacked a little in between meals but with healthy snacks! I also walked into university which is very unlike me! Hopefully things keep going this way! For lunch I had some of the minestrone soup I made on Monday and for dinner I had tuna pasta salad, which was amazing!

Surprisingly Wednesday went very, very well. I had no hiccups in my eating plan. Admitedly I skipped out on breakfast that morning because I got caught up with the brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars and had to rush off to Aldi for some bits and bobs right after. However I did enjoy what I ate: lunch consisted of golden vegetable soup and dinner chicken salad with potato wedges and homemade chive dip. I also enjoyed a lovely 30 minute walk to and from Aldi, it was rather chilly though!

Thursday was average in terms of eating healthily. I didn't overeat, infact I under ate. I skipped out on Lunch because I didn't have enough time to eat before I rushed off to walk to uni and then I felt pretty rubbish all day. Not sure if this was because I'm getting back into a routine of going to both uni and work again or if it's because I didn't eat as well as I should have. Hoping that things improve over the next few days whilst I'm at work. I mixed things up foodwise and had an omelette for breakfast and a cod dish with roasted vegetables and baby potatoes for dinner!

On Friday I had both uni and work so it was impossible for me to make a freshly home cooked meal for dinner so I ended up taking some leftover tuna pasta for a snack on my break. Although I did have some of my daily porridge for breakfast and a refreshing chicken salad before work. I definitely think I get the most exercise when I'm at work. I'm always running around like a mad woman!

Again on Saturday I was at work so I made sure I had a decent breakfast before heading out (porridge again, I love it!) and took a healthy-ish ham salad sandwhich with me for lunch. My favourite part of the day was making a fake-away! Yep, a fake takeaway! A while back, I picked up one of The Hairy Dieters sauce packets (Korma - my fave!) and threw in a couple of chicken breasts and voila, I had some pretty amazing, low calorie curry! And I still had a portion to freeze for at a later date!

Admittedly, I had a Nando's for dinner on Sunday, but I know that it's healthy to have a treat once in a while. Plus, I hadn't really eaten much, scrambled eggs for breakfast and a packet of the new Sun Bite Pitta Bakes as a snack during the day, so it was almost justifiable.


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