Thursday, 10 December 2015

december music picks

I'm writing this at midnight, wide awake and plugged into my headphones. Music is a major part of my life, whether I'm feeling happy, sad or angry, there's a playlist perfect for my mood. Spotify has definitely made my life a lot easier, nearly any song I could possibly imagine at the click of a button. Discovering new artists is one of my favourite aspects of the streaming app. At the click of a button you can explore similar tracks to the one you've so greatly enjoyed. This is how I've spent my evening. Listening to track after track trying to find my latest favourite track. 

If you like RHODES try giving Matt Wills a listen. In particular his song "Ellie Grab Your Gun". Wills gives the same sort of indie vibe that RHODES does, just a little softer. Not to be biased or anything but he also has a track called "ChloĆ©" and its so beautiful and not because I share my name with it. Just saying that this guys voice is absolutely captivating. I am so in love with him right now. 

Fan of Tom Odell, George Ezra or Ed Sheeran? Give Jamie Lawson a listen. His songs are heartbreakingly beautiful and perfect if you're looking for an easy listen. And if you're like me you'll be able to relate to his music so easily, it's almost scary. It's easy just to close your eyes and enjoy the lyrics. 

Do you enjoy music from the likes of Ben Howard and Gabrielle Aplin? Well Lewis Watson is the man for you. To me, Watson isn't a new discovery but a long time favourite. His debut album was released a year ago and it's nothing short of perfect. He's a lovely man singing about lovely things. My favourite song of his is "Stones Around the Sun".

All the artists mentioned are available in the playlist below! 


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