Tuesday, 30 December 2014

think pink bath bomb

Just looking at the design of this bath bomb made me want to use it as the first pick from my Lush Cosmetics selection that I had been given from my mum and gran for Christmas. Even though I'm a Lush fanatic, I've never actually tried this product so I was super eager to use it. 

With a sweet vanilla scent infused with tonka, this is the perfect bath bomb for a relaxing evening or even for a pre-night out bath. As it explodes, turning your water a beautiful calm pink colour, you'll feel your skin becoming silky smooth and luscious. Inside the bomb are paper confetti hearts which eventually dissolve but it's a nice touch which inevitably made me smile (it's the little things).  

At just £2.65, this is one of Lush's more reasonably priced bath bombs and one of their most popular products. It's definitely on my list to buy next time I'm coming home again.


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