Tuesday, 23 December 2014

little things

Pollyanna has been one of my all time favourite movies to watch since I was little and of course it's played every Christmas on ITV3 but this year the game that the main character plays with herself often got me thinking: what makes me glad? What makes me really happy? But after a long hard think about this I came to the simple conclusion that it's the little things that make my day. 

Fairy Lights - I love fairy lights, there's something so quirky and magical about them that always makes a room look more homely and loving. This probably sounds ridiculous to some of you but it's true. After adding fairy lights to my room in halls it definitely looked a lot more homely and helped me settle in much easier. 

Candles - Another thing that makes a room look warm and homely. I'm always picking up the cheapest candles I can find, which in my opinion are often the best. I'm certain I have some sort of candle stock pile building up in my room.

Smiling - Nothing brightens up my day quite like a smile from a stranger, or even just a person that I know. It's always nice to know that someone's happy and spreading their happiness with others. I really like that. 

Books - If you know me at all you'll know that I adore reading. I can spend hours with a book in my hand or even my kindle. I often spend ages in charity shops looking for book bargains that I can share with my family. All in all I just really love reading and think that everybody else should as well.. 

Clean Bed Sheets - This is probably the weirdest one on my list. But there's nothing quite like coming out a hot bubble bath and straight into a clean bed that smells super fresh. 

These are just some of the things that make me happy and put a smile on my face. Although I'm always happy so there's bound to be more. 


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