Friday, 26 December 2014

christmas goodies / pamper night

Well I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got spoiled by your friends and family. I certainly did, I can't decide what was the best past; spending time with my family or the laughs that we had together. All in all, it was amazing! Now on to the topic of this post, I was very lucky to have been treated to a mountain of bath products, both of my favourites Soap & Glory and Lush products were amongst the ridiculous amounts of goodies I received. I love a pamper night as much as the next person so here's how I spent my boxing day evening. 

I've always hated my feet, they're definitely something I would change about myself if it was possible. I've always been super ashamed of how dry they are and how hard the skin is, which is totally disgusting I know, but my mum knew all of this and treated me to a JML Pedi Pro Deluxe to get rid of all the horridness so that I could transform my ugly feet into the smooth and silky feet they should be. I am super happy with how well it works, obviously it's going to take a few uses before my feet are how I want them but after the first use there's definitely a huge difference! 

Following this, I ran a hot bath and poured some of Soap & Glory's Orangeasm Body Wash whilst it was running to create fresh scented bubbles! I definitely love this scent, it's one of their best aside from Smoothie Star which is my all time fave! On top of the bubble's I added a Flutter Bath Fizzer which I think are sold in Superdrug at Christmastime? I didn't want to mix too many scents together so gave my Lush bath bombs a miss this time. 

After spending a long time soaking in the bath, I covered myself from head to toe with S&G's The Righteous Butter, the best body butter in the world! I then put some of S&G's Heel Genius foot cream on my newly soft feet and shoved some cosy socks on before making a creamy hot chocolate and diving into bed. 

There's no better way to spend the day after Christmas than to stay in pj's all day and then having a really relaxing pamper night afterwards. I hope you're all pampering yourself too and taking it easy during the holidays!


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